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About SkiSquirrel

What is SkiSquirrel?

SkiSquirrel is a free membership club which gives you access to discounts, extras and offers on ski holiday essentials, from FX and insurance, to instruction and equipment hire, through to apres-ski and airport transfers.   Membership also provides you with a contemporary and honest take on skiing and boarding.

Why a Squirrel?

Ski Duck and Ski Monkey were already taken.  Seriously though, we loved the concept of our squirrel foraging and running around the Alps looking for great deals and storing them ready for our members!!  We ran a competition to name the Squirrel and the resounding winner was Shirley Nut!  Surely not.

How do I join SkiSquirrel?

Who is it for?

SkiSquirrel is open to anyone and everyone. To become a member you just click on the link to Sign Up and leave your email address.  All our Partner discounts and offers become available to you immediately - we will email you all your web links and codes and you're good to go!

Where can I get SkiSquirrel extras?

You can see all our Partners on the website at all times. The deals and offers are regularly updated and we don't have any expired discounts or links.  


Some offers are for use before you head to resort (like clothing, insurance or FX cards) while some are things you can book online before you go (like ski schools, child care or equipment hire). 

What if I have a problem claiming my extra or offer?

We make every effort to ensure that our partners, and all their staff, are fully aware of the SkiSquirrel offer and are able to process the discount as appropriate.  If, for some reason, this is not the case, you will be given a telephone number to call so you can speak to a member of the team immediately.

What if you don't operate in my resort?

Many of our partners operate across resorts or are online and are focused on sales prior to the trip itself. We are adding new resorts and partners all the time, so keep checking the website, and sign up to our newsletter, so that you'll be the first to know when we get to your resort.

How do I sign up?

All you need to do to become a SkiSquirrel member is to click on the link to Sign Up and leave your email address.  That's it. And it's completely free.

What about Technology?

SkiSquirrel is in it's infancy, but we have so many ideas up our sleeves going forward, not least to bring in innovative technology and apply it in a way that makes being a SkiSquirrel member even easier and even more exciting!! Watch this space...

About Us

How did SkiSquirrel come about?

SkiSquirrel came about as a result of us still wanting to get out there on the hill, but staring the obvious in the face....erm...."tricky economic climate"....  


We are passionate about the mountains and about what we do. We want to contribute to a strong, successful and contemporary ski industry.  As a brand, we look to get the best prices possible in the mountains in an exciting and innovative way.


As a SkiSquirrel Partner, how do we benefit?

All SkiSquirrel Partners benefit from additional web presence and promotion as a given. All Partners are mentioned regularly via our social media channels before, during and after the season.  You will also be included in our marketing and advertising as appropriate and as discussed.  All of these provide a source to meet, and introduce your brand to, new and previously inaccessible customers.


In addition, as a SkiSquirrel partner, you can benefit from our collaboration with AlpJob (www.alpjob.com).  You will benefit from a fantastic 25% discount on all Paye As You Go advertising when using the SkiSquirrel coupon code.  This is a great way to get access to new customers, find resources or any other opportunity required.  

What do we do if we're interested?

If you'd like to find out more about becoming a SkiSquirrel Partner we would love to chat to you.  We absolutely love to work with brands and companies who are looking to do something new and exciting.  It will take very little time and effort to come on board, so why not get involved!  Please email info@skisquirrel.com

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